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20160607 RoadReady

Sherco SE3.0-R 2 stroke

2 stroke 3.0

Silencer evolution
Weight reduced by 8 %
Rock wool packing life increased

New Configuration fuel petcock and carburetor
Fuel petcock relocated for easy access
Increased space between the fuel tank and the carburetor

Reinforced subframe
Higher resistance
optimized Electric wiring integration
Adaptation support diagnosis connector
Direct access to electric connections and diagnosis plug

New front mudguard design
Improved protection
Rigidity increased (muddy conditions)
New appearance

Sherco designed handguards
Dual compound
Black polyamide provides support rigidity
Blue polyethylene provides a flexible protection with flex and return to position

New piston design:
Improved performance at low speeds for better response
New profile for better balance piston cylinder and less noise

New combustion chamber:
Increased engine performance
Monobloc for longer life
System stronger

Cast aluminum cylinder head
Higher stiffness and less deformation of the combustion chamber for better performance

Valves system Evolution:
New valve timing for low RPM progression
Better valve sealing to improve the throttle response and reduce maintenance. Less calamine deposit.
Removal of the oil tube from valve cover to reduce emissions

New ignition calibration
Optimized startup
Better engine progression
Optimized traction in low grip conditions
Dual mapping: SOFT curve reworked for better progression

Transmission system Evolution
Transmission Star selection mechanism modified
Pins blocked inside the system
Reliability optimized

Evolution water pump system:
DLC treatment Shaft & tribo finish


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