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Sherco SE3.0i-R 4 stroke

4 stroke 3.0

Overwhelmingly approved during trade press tests, the 300 is often deemed the ideal compromise for those that want to ride a 4-stroke motorcycle. Often imitated but never equaled, the 300 is the pioneer in mid-range cubic capacity 4-stroke enduro maotorcycle: a must have! An effect yet playful chassis, a powerful, torquey and lively motor, it is the ideal tool for leisurely rides or chasing the chronometer. It is no wonder it is the motorcycle chosen by Jeremy Tarroux!

Keyless system
Contact button removed
No risk of dead battery in case the switch is accidentally left ON

Evolution of air box design
Easier access to air filter
Air box space increased, wiring protected

Electrical system : right side
Wiring diameter increased: improved resistance
Ultrasonic welding of wiring
Direct access to connections and diagnostic plug

Electrical system : left side
Wiring diameter increased: improved resistance
Ultrasonic welding of wiring

Reinforced subframe
Higher resistance
optimized Electric wiring integration
Adaptation support diagnosis connector
Direct access to electric connections and diagnosis plug

New front mudguard design
Improved protection
Rigidity increased (muddy conditions)
New appearance

Sherco designed handguards
Dual compound
Black polyamide provides support rigidity
Blue polyethylene provides a flexible protection with flex and return to position

Injection : New injector body
Quicker return to idle rpm
Idle speed reduced by a 100 rpm
Improve throttle cable routing assembly

Cylinder: new geometry
Improved rigidity, temperature resistance, performance and life
Blow-by effect reduced

Gearbox: Evolutions
New forged gears 2/3/4 higher mechanical resistance
Selection fork rollers are made from a stronger material
Increased life in hard conditions (MX & Sand)

Waterpump system: Evolutions
DLC Shaft treatment tribo finishing
New improved seal

New injection mapping
Improved performance
Reduced fuel consumption
Improved progressivity
Compatible with the keyless system



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