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Kids & Leisure Quads

Kids Helmets

Kids quads and side by side buggys are a great way to get the kids involved in motorsports from an early age and keep them entertained through the holidays. For any more info on any of these products just get in touch via our website or give us a call.

The leisure quads are also suitable for sport and racing. There are tracks around the country which allow racing and kids quads to be ridden but always remember to check with the track before you go to ensure they do allow quad bikes to be ridden at that time. Many do special quad days or have seperate track but it is always important to find out first.

We would always recommend getting the rider fitted with a helmet which should be worn at all times when using the vehicle. 

Supply on some of these machines is often in high demand and we would always recommend ordering well in advance especially around the build up to the Christmas period. 

If you are looking for more ATV or farming quads take a look at our ATV's page.

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