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Beta EVO 125/250/300 2T 2018


Beta EVO MY 2018
Ever-increasing technical refinement
The new Evo My 2018 trials range - which builds and improves on the previous versions - is about to hit the market. Beta's engineers have been hard at work on the fine details, resulting in bikes that now provide outstanding levels of technical refinement, performance and reliability.
As always, the hallmark of the Beta family is sharp-edged efficiency for both pros – from regional championships through to world championships – and less expert amateur riders.
The 2-stroke range offers four different engine sizes: 125, 250, 300 and 300 SS – where “SS” stands for Super Smooth, a trials bike with a softer engine power delivery than its more aggressive counterparts, designed for off-road lovers who just want to focus on having fun.

Evo 2T
All the 2-stroke versions – including the 300 SS – have the following new features, designed to give the bikes a more technically polished feel.
Engines boast new low-friction main bearings that reduce energy loss and thus improve low-rev performance. A look at the suspension shows that both rear shock and front fork have been calibrated to give greater progression, absorbing and dampening major impacts with even greater efficiency. Both front fork legs now use the same amount of oil to help simplify servicing.
The wheels feature hubs that have been reinforced in the disc and sprocket attachment areas to boost impact-resistant reliability and are now mounted with Dunlop tires.
The design has also been overhauled, with new graphics and colors on the anodized aluminum frame and black wheels with white/red decals.

125cc - £5995.00

250cc - £6245.00

300cc - £6295.00

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