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Beta EVO 250/300 4T 2017

4T 250 300

Beta EVO 4T MY 2017
Beta presents the new 2017 Evo Trial model range, which represents a continued evolvement from the 2016 model, affirming its position as market leader in the industry, thereby repeating history for the Tuscan Manufacturer.
The Beta engineers have carried out intensive development to the entire range and refined the Evo models from a technical and functional perspective that are more powerful, intuitive and yet still fun to ride. Highlighting the 2017 line up is no doubt the now-famous Evo engine, which for 2017 is available in 125/250/300 2T and 300 4T.
Even more big news is the introduction of the all-new 2-stroke Evo 300 SS, where “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”, this new Trial model offers riders a softer power delivery and while equally fun as the standard 300 model, it has been designed for those intimidated by the more powerful 300 models available. The Evo 300 SS is sure to grab the attention of riders across all continents.
All engines comply with the Euro 4 type-approval standard.


2017 250cc £5795.00

2017 300cc £5795.00


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