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Hedge Trimmers

hedge trimmer

A perfect trimmed hedge can be the finishing touch for your garden’s appearance, but it can also be a pain to achieve. It depends on the tools you use.

Give us a call or see us in store to find the best machine for your garden or visit the Husqvarna site to see the full range.

When you choose a hedge trimmer, consider what sort of job you will use it for. Will you be trimming high, low or long hedges? Will you be shaping the hedge?

The double-sided hedge trimmer is designed for trimming hedges up to chest height. A double-sided trimmer could be equipped with an adjustable rear handle for increased flexibility and for better ergonomics when trimming the sides of hedges. For shaping hedges, the double-sided trimmer is the most suitable.

Single-sided trimmers are designed mainly for straight sections of hedge. With teeth on one side of the cutting bar, the blade can be longer without the machine becoming too heavy. A longer blade lets you clip larger areas in a single sweep.

Pole hedge trimmers are used for cutting high and low hedges, and ground cover too. With a pole hedge trimmer you can cut high hedges without a ladder. Because you can angle the cutting bar you can work more quickly and it’s easier to reach when cutting low or high hedges. The engine acts as a counterweight to the cutting bar, so the machine remains well balanced while you work.

Things to keep in mind when buying a hedge trimmer:

The machine should have an efficient vibration-dampening system to minimise vibrations in those parts of the machine that the user comes in contact with.
The engine should have some form of emission control, for the benefit of the user’s working environment as well as the environment as a whole.
Choose a hedge trimmer with appropriate length of the cutter bar for the job you intend to do.

We often keep a range of hedge trimmers in stock, if you would like to come see the range or find out availablity just contact us or see us in store. Or speak to one of our experts to find the best machine for you!

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