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So its official, Freestyle Wales will be opening Saturday 12th July. The builders will start on Monday to begin the renovations and work will begin in creating the new branch of Freestyle in Newtown.

The new premises will be run by 9 times British Enduro Champion Wyn Hughes, a true Welshman through and through and assisted by his wife Tracy. It will be a centre for all kinds of off-road motorcyling: trials, enduro, motocross and trail riding, supplying all accessories, clothing and equipment needed for the sport.

Freestyle Wales will also feature in house coffee shop and workshop facilities.


More information to come, including progress photos, on our Facebook and Twitter pages


Freestyle to Freestyle Trail Ride - 03/06/2014

Setting out today from Freestyle headquarters here in Sussex, John Vannuffel and Jonathan Bentman are on their way to Freestyle Wales in Newtown via purely green lanes.

Having left this morning from the south coast, they came via Cafe Freestyle here for a quick lunch and load up with supplies and they plan to camp tonight near Stonehenge. It will be a four day trip all the way up to North Wales to cover the length of England and Wales, experiencing some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country.

The journey will be documented by Jonathan, a freelance journalist writing for TBM and you can find out how they get on in a three part feature starting in the July issue, available middle of June. With a Honda CRF L and a KTM 690 they are riding two hugely contrasting bikes, look out for them if your out!

We hope to hear some updates from how they get on and cant wait to read the finished article.


ssdt podium

6th and Final Day at the Scottish Six Day Trial - 12/05/2014

The final day of the 2014 SSDT started with some brightness and, after a few short showers, ended for many groups bathed in sunshine. Someone who didn't need to feel the sun on his face to lift the spirits was previously 7 times winner Dougie Lampkin, now he has 8 SSDT best performance awards to his name.

With an overnight lead of 5 over James Dabill (Beta), Dougie continued riding like the real champ he is and only added a solitary dab to his total score. James himself cast away just 4 marks all day but only a couple of failures by Lampkin would have given him a chance to sneak the win.

Although losing 12 on the Saturday loop Sam Connor (Beta) maintained his position overall, a fine 3rd place on the podium for his steady weeks work. Guy Kendrew Beta) was 4th, tied on marks with Michael Brown (Gas Gas) in 5th. Michael had a great day with the loss of just 3 to nip ahead of Jordi Pascuet, and Jordi's team mate at Jotagas Ross Danby had another excellent week with 7th position.

Emma Bristow (Sherco) not only kept her lead in the Females class over Becky Cook (Beta), but achieved her aim of finishing in the top 50. She picked up 5 places with a brilliant day score of 20 to give her 46th in the final results.

Gary Macdonald (Sherco) was best Scottish rider and completed the top 10 having swapped overnight positions with Sam Haslam (Gas Gas).

Eddie Karlsson completed the week in the top 50 and has promised to return now he has learnt some of the tricks to riding this unique event, many trials fans hope that perhaps he could convince fellow Honda riders Takahisa Fujinami and Toni Bou to join him!

Most of the riders attended the prize giving held in Fort William late into the evening where John Moffat hosted the handing out of trophies and awards to finish off the 2014 SSDT, the club and committee promise possible new groups of sections in the coming years. The popularity of the Scottish Six Day Trial with riders and spectators is undiminished.


Our top trials rider and bike sales manager Simon Bird finished 122st earning himself a first class award, this was his aim for this year and he is very pleased to have achieved it and had a very enjoyable week.

Our sponsored rider David Gilbert came 139th with a second class award. A great achievement for a first timer and he is looking forward to climbing up the rankings next year.

James Burroughs of Freestyle Training unfortunately had to retire on the wednesday due to bike problems. 

It was a tough week for all as the competition always is but an enjoyable one none the less. Congratulations to all riders and a big well done and thank you to all helpers and volunteers involved.


ssdt day 5

Day 5 of the Scottish Six Day Trial - 10/05/2014

Thursday 9th May … Day 5

A full circle of the Peninsula was Friday's route, the penultimate day of the 2014 SSDT, a round trip of some 83 miles that takes you through some stunning scenery not just on land but also along the coast lines. The awards for today were sponsored by SATA.

It was never going to be an easy day for the early riders, many of the groups were ridden over smaller but loose rocks that rattled around as you rode them, after 150 or so riders had attempted the sections many of the holes became filled in or new lines opened up that took the edge off the severity. Very early number on the day Michael Brown (gas Gas) had already parted with two dabs by the time he exited the second group at Pipers Burn, the 5th section here alone took 5's off Jordi Pascuet (Jotagas), Sam Haslam (Gas Gas), Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas), Jack Sheppard (Beta) and James Fry (Sherco) from the top 15. The maximum Pascuet lost here proved to be his only marks throughout the rest of the day.

Overnight leader Dougie Lampkin had also taken a single dab in the Pipers Burn group but added a full 5 at the second section at Kingairloch, another single at the first in the gulley at Meall Nam Each brought his total for the day to 7.
James Dabill (Beta) was on a mission, needing to try and close the gap on Dougie, and remained clear until a one dab ride at the second in Kingairloch. The rest of the day went to plan until the forth at Kilmalieu where a surprising 3 took him to 4 on the day and allowed him to move into second spot overall. Sam Connor (Beta) is still in touch just one behind James on 19 after carding 5 in total for the days circuit.

Some fancied riders dropped off the pace once the cards had been counted with some high scores that will be almost impossible to pull it back from. Michael Brown's 15 moving him from a possible third place back into 6th and Sam Haslam's (Gas Gas) massive loss of 28 dropping him all the way down to tenth.

Gary Macdonald (Sherco) has a commanding lead in the Scottish riders award, and also lies 9th and Jack Stones (Sherco) still heads the newcomers, but Iwan Roberts (Beta) has cut his lead down to just three marks and has all to go for tomorrow.

Emma Bristow (Sherco) not only stretched her lead in the Female class but has climbed the leader board up to 51st place, she is looking for a top 50 finish and will be giving it her all on the final day.

The over 40's class is now headed by Adam Norris from John Shirt. Previously stated leader Jordi Pascuet turn out to be 35 and crept into the list after a misunderstanding with the entry form, but will be happy to hear that most people mentioned that he doesn't look 40 !

For the sixth and final day of the 2014 event we have the situation that just one failure in a section could bring the top two level and that third place Sam Connor is not out of it by any means. Only Gary Macdonald of the top 15 riders are on an early day so things should be fairly even for them all. The first riders will arrive at Sleubaich at around 8am, weather is looking to be a little bit more of the wet stuff than the sunshine and showers that were experienced on Friday. Town Hall Brae rounds of the weeks events, first riders are expected at around 1.45pm.

ssdt simon day 4

Day 4 at the Scottish Six Day Trial - 09/05/2014

What a difference a day makes, Thursday dawned at Fort William with dry conditions and the whole day was completed without any rain, a first for the 2014 event.

Thursday's awards were sponsored by Thistle Access NDT ltd and Highland Leisure Sport, and the loop certainly brought a few smiles back to riders faces after what for many was a tough day on Wednesday. The scores remained on the whole low and the sun even made an appearance once or twice.

The toughest job for the top riders today was to keep their mind on the job in hand, although the sections wouldn't stretch their abilities too much one small loss of concentration would see them tumble down the leader board and with scores as tight as they are it may be hard to recover come the final day.

Dougie Lampkin, Sam Haslam (Gas Gas), James Dabill (Gas Gas) and Sam Connor (Beta) all completed the 30 sections that made up the day with zero marks lost to maintain their top four positions on the leader board. Jack Sheppard (Beta) and Robert Waite (Beta) also returned a clean score sheet to move them up the table, in Robert Waite's case he moved 10 places to the good. Michael Brown (Gas Gas) lost a little ground on the top four by dropping a slack mark at the second section at Fersit and then 2 marks at what should have been the relatively easy first section at Fassfern 2.

The first at Fassfern 1 took points off Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas), Guy Kendrew (Beta), Gary Macdonald (Sherco) and Ross Danby (Jotagas), the 2 dropped proved to be the only marks that Ross would drop on his early start day. Tom Sagar (Montesa) could have improved his chances of top ten position greatly if he had not dropped a maximum at the very last section of the day at Trotters Burn.

The newcomers award standings show an improved margin for James Stones (Sherco) over Iwan Roberts (Beta) after James turned in a score of 3 to Iwans 8. Eddie Karlsson failed to make up ground on these two after throwing a 5 into the mix at the final section of the day.

Emma Bristow (Sherco) survived a lengthy machine issue that required some catching up but lengthen her lead in the female class over Becky Cook (Beta), but she has some work to do to push herself back into the top 50, which is her stated aim.

Gary Macdonald (Sherco), as expected, leads the Scottish riders class but the gap between Craig Houston (Ossa) and Andy Anderson (Sherco) has shrunk after Andy finished the day with 9 marks fewer than Craig. There is now just 9 marks between the two.

Army man Phil Wiffen on his Sherco has a 50 mark lead in the forces class and will look for two steady days to take the win from fellow Army member Darren Hesleton.

There is a promise of good weather again for Friday, which starts with the riders reaching The Mhuidhe at 8.45am. Most groups are close to the road but these are on single track carriageways so travelling in the same direction ar the trial is the best advice

ssdt day 3

Day 3 at the Scottish Six Day Trial - 08/05/2014

Wednesdays action, sponsored by North Eastpea Farm off-road centre and off road moto, looked on paper like it should be an easier travelling day after the 95 mile route of Tuesday, being over 20 miles shorter, but this didn't prove to be the case as we shall see!

The half way point of the 2014 SSDT has been reached and the scores are starting to climb, no rider remains clean overall and no rider completed the day without penalty. Dougie Lampkin finally joined the points scorers with a hard fought 3 at the first section at Grey Mares Ridge, the eleventh section of the day, and he went on to add another 3 in the Glen Stockdale group to finish with 6. Sam Haslam (GasGas) at one point threatened to take over the lead but also finished the day with 6 marks to add to his existing 3. Even so this moved the Berkhampsted rider into a clear second place.

Kinlochleven resident Gary MacDonald (Sherco) demonstrated his local knowledge by cleaning everything the day could throw at him right up to the second section at the newly introduced Glen Stockdale, a section that took at least 3 marks off the entire entry apart from Robert Waite with his single dab ride. Gary unfortunately then went on to lose more marks at the final group, Lagnaha, but managed to pull up one place on the leader board from his over night position.

The river crossing between Glen Stockdale and Glenmuckrach proved a problem for some. On the way across there was enough height and a good landing to jump across but for the return journey a trip through the water was required. By this time the recent heavy rain had swollen the water level to above knee height, just the wrong height for most modern machines air intake. Riders resorted to carrying their machines across, and multiple World Champion Dougie Lampkin was on hand to assist a few riders with their bikes and gladly accepted a lift with his own.

Apart from Dougie and Sam's daily total of 6 James fry returned a fine score of just 8 to climb several places overall and Dan Thorpe completed the foursome that kept to single figures on the day with 9. The top five now reads Dougie on 6, Sam haslam 9 and then three riders, Sam Connor, James Dabill and Michael Brown on 14

Once again Emma Bristow (Sherco) did enough to pull a few more marks ahead of Becky Cook (Beta) in the Ladies class, with Sara Trentini (Ossa) in third still circulating well accompanied by partner Michelle Bosi (Ossa).

The over 40 class is still headed by Jordi Pascuet (Jotagas) after his very respectable 12 mark loss of the day but jumping into the runner up berth, above John Shirt jnr (GasGas) is West Country man Adam Norris on his Beta.

The newcomers award is still being closely fought over by the two 125's of James Stones (Sherco) and Iwan Roberts (Beta), with Iwan pulling a couple of points back today and is now just 3 behind, 41 to 44.

Thursday's 84 mile route starts at Bradleigh with the first riders arriving at around 8.30, the weather once again looks to be a mix of broken clouds and showers, Fersit will be the place that the crowd will head too.

ssdt day2

Day 2 at the Scottish Six Day Trial - 07/05/2014

Day two of the 2014 SSDT, sponsored by Hope and Ossa motos UK ltd, started at Laggan Rocks which is the furthest start point of the week from the Parc Ferme at 24 miles out. In fact Tuesday is to be the longest loop planned for the event at a leg and arm aching 95 miles.

Overnight heavy rain and cloud had largely cleared for the start and until shortly before midday many of the groups were bathed in broken sunshine, but the rain showers started again and would form the pattern for the rest of the day. Whilst helping to wash the rocks clean the rain made the moor crossings much harder work with many of the lower ranked riders finding themselves dropping behind their start positions as a result.

The three way tie of the lead after Monday has now moved to a 2 mark advantage for 7 times winner Dougie Lampkin over Sam Connor (Beta) and James Dabill (Beta), Dougie having remained clean on the day again. Will it be win number 8 for the ex World Champion? A lot can happen over the next 4 days but once Dougie gets a lead and his mind set he will take some beating.

Behind these three scores are just as tight, Guy Kendrew (Beta) weighed in with a clean ride for the day to join Michael Brown (Gas Gas) and Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) on 3 in total and Richard Sadler's (Sherco) one mark lost enabled him to claim 7th and also open up a 4 point gap between him and 8th placed Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas). Alexz spoiled his score card with a maximum at the last section at Forest Gate.

Jordi Pascuet (Jotagas) survived a moment after he attempted to move a large rock with his clutch casing and the resulting damage required time to make good, even though he was rushing a little to make up this time his day score of one 5 and a 2 means he is in 14th place and keeps a healthy lead in the over 40 class. Eddie Karlsson (Montesa) was much more settled and at ease today and his 4 mark total for the day has gone a long way in making up for his opening days score, he now lies 24th on 21 marks lost. Eddie is still in contention for the newcomers award which is so far being led by James Stones on his 125 Sherco.

Emma Bristow (Sherco) pulled away from Becky Cook (Beta) by another 10 marks today, Becky by her own admittance finding the long road work and heavy moor crossings hard work. Although acquiring 12 marks on time Katy Sunter (Gas Gas) maintained a healthy lead over SaraTrentini (Ossa) for 3rd place in the Female awards.

The likes of James Dabill, Jack Sheppard and Dougie Lampkin all start in the earlier time slot tomorrow and this could mix things up a bit at the top of the leaderboard, with scores as tight as they are just one mistake could prove decisive come the final day.

Wednesday's loop is 22 miles shorter than todays and the first riders should reach Callart at 08.00 where there are 5 sections before moving onto Callart Falls a couple of miles further on. The weather is looking to be wet again with a few bright outbreaks.



First Man away sml

Day 1 at the Scottish Six Day Trial - 06/05/2014

Monday 5th May 2014

Monday Sponsor - John Lee & Sons Motorcycles

The 2014 SSDT started in bright and mild conditions at 7.30am today, Monday 5th May, with piper Willie Evans leading number 1 Iain Shankie away from the start platform in Fort William. The rest of the entry would follow along in 1 minute intervals and then negotiate the relatively short road trip up to the first group of sections at Leanachen.

A few slack marks were lost in this first group as riders settled into the day, top runner Jordi Pascuet (Jotagas) being one that was caught out by the the small rolling rocks near the exit. Jordi would make amends and drop just one more throughout the rest of the day for a good top ten position, and best over 40 rider, once all the scores had been counted.

James Dabill (Beta), Dougie Lampkin and Sam Conner (Beta) remained feet up all the way around the days 30 sections but Michael Brown (Gas Gas) and Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) are just behind on a single dab, both lost on the very final section of the day.

The top end of the score sheet is tightly packed with the top 30 riders having scored 10 or less and local hope Gary Macdonald would have also been at the top of the list had he not dropped a maximum on the first of the two sections at Coire Mhorair.

South Shropshire's Shaun Fox has has placed an early claim for the best newcomer award and in the keenly fought female class Emma Bristow has taken a commanding lead over Becky cook, losing just under half of Becky's final tally. Sandra Gomez sadly suffered machine issues and is out, but is able to carry on and ride on Tuesday on a no awards basis.

Tuesdays action gets under way at Laggan Rocks with the first riders arriving at 8.30am, the weather forecast promises some bright spells and light rain.

Freestyle at the British Sprint Enduro Championship rounds 3 & 4 at Saints Well - 28/04/2014

Freestyle Wins again!

It was down to the home grown talent of Joe Wootton this time round after the success of the first two rounds of the BSEC with our guest rider Pela Renet.

Heavy rain overnight Thursday and Friday led to hard enduro conditions at this course which was a good mix of motocross track, extreme, woodland and fields.

Day one saw Joe make a few mistakes and the weather meant continually changing course conditions. Joe battled all day with Brad Freeman until the last two laps when Joe managed to put in faster times than Brad. Some overnight changes to the bike saw Joe putting in the fastest U19 times all day on day two. In fact his times would have put him well up in the Elite class.

Rhian started to show the form she shows when practising but the potential for a good result slipped out of her grasp as she is still struggling with a damaged knee.

Joe and Rhian will be riding next weekend at the British Enduro Championship in Helmsley whilst Colin and Sue will be supporting Simon, David and James at the Scottish Six Day Trial.

Many thanks as usual to all our sponsors and we look forward to the rest of the season.

Freestyle Fun Day 2014 Date released! - 07/04/2014

So the Freestyle Fun Day 2014 date is now confirmed to be Saturday 5th July


Attractions are in the process of being booked and organised. We will have The Gangsters band back again along with the trials displays, kids quad rides and many more fun activities for all the family. We will be releasing more information as it comes!


Last year was a huge success and we hope everyone had a brilliant day, the weather was on our side until about 3 in the afternoon but spirits were still high even after a shower!

If there is anything anyone would like to suggest in regards to attractions, improvements or other things to do or watch on the day we welcome them! Please get in contact with us on our Facebook or Twitter page or send us an email at


So put the date in your diarys!!

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