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  • Husqvarna Pivot Pegz

Husqvarna Pivot Pegz

Sku 78003940244
Please call for availability,
on 01892 782288

Our Price: £145.08

Please call for availability, on 01892 782288

Product Description

TC/FC/TE/FE 14-15

FS 15

Ingenious: Foot pegs that move with you when you shift your weight. Ideal for Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto.

The benefits:

  • Spring-mounted, 20-degree rotational movement possible towards front and rear
  • More control and grip in the corners thanks to the manoeuvrability
  • Large tread surface of 60 mm
  • Simpler and quicker weight shifting
  • Simpler gear changing and braking
  • Permanent contact between boot and foot peg: extends the service life of your boots!

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