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The Race Team

The Freestyle race team aim to have riders in most off-road motorcycling disciplines and to gain good results. We are competitive and professional and believe racing is not all about being the fastest out there. It takes dedication, discipline and strength of mind. The Freestyle team have a professional set up at most meetings we attend with a fully kitted out race van and awning. Our Enduro team are mentored by 9 times British Enduro Champion Wyn Hughes who helps the riders with everything from prepping their bike to top spec, to coaching and advising them on how they should ride the course to their best ability. We can also recommend a high class sports psychologist who has helped many of our riders in the past to overcome mental barriers which they feel may be holding them back in their racing or every day life. 

Our sponsored riders are split between the A Team and B Team. Our A Team riders are our upper level riders and those who have contracts with our suppliers and manufacturers. Our B Team riders, of no lesser importance, are the riders who we support through the shop alone. They are often younger up and coming riders looking to further their opportunities in the sport through our brand or riders who have contracts through other manufacturers seperately but are wanting to become part of the Freestyle team.

We hand-pick all of our team riders based not only on results but also based on how they present themselves in the race paddock. It is very important to us to have a great selection of team riders at all levels representing us on the track and off.


Past Freestyle successes include: 

Joe Wootton- British Sprint Enduro Champion and British Enduro Champion '14

Matti Seistola- British Sprint Enduro Champion '13

Wyn Hughes- Expert British Sprint Enduro Champion '11

Wyn Hughes- Veteran British Enduro Champion '11

Simon Bird- 3rd British Indoor Enduro Championship Trial Cross Class '09

Perry Leask- 4th World Veteran Motocross Championship '07


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