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A Team Ashley "Never-Gets-A-5" Newbery (Trials)


Ashley Newbery
Location:Herne Bay

Favourite Track/course: The Ashford Clubs Dunlop trial at the gliding club is usually a good trial for me especially if it's wet.

Favourite riding conditions: I've always favoured wet and muddy over dry and grippy although I'm happy riding in any conditions.

Best acheivement to date: -1995 British Clubman Champion. (S3 Parts Championship)

Proudest moment: Making it to breakfast after the Freestyle Christmas party with 15 minutes to spare!

Favourite food: Curry.

Favourite band/singer: Will I Am/Black Eyed Peas

Best Crash: Had a big crash at Hookwoods in 2008 which required some stitches, not been back there since!

Most embarrassing moment: Doing the Macarena at the Freestyle Christmas party! I had no idea I knew the moves!

Bike for 2017: 2017 TRS One 300

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