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A Team Joe Wootton (Enduro)

BEC final2

Joe Wootton
DOB: 15/06/1995
Location: Welshpool, Mid-Wales

Favourite Track/course: It would be Canada Heights MX track. But I also enjoy any track in a woodland.

Favourite riding conditions: I have two favourites. I like it in woods (wet or dry I don't mind), and sand tracks.

Best acheivement to date: It has to be winning the U19 British Sprint Enduro Championship, and the British Expert Enduro Championship in 2014.

Proudest moment (not necassarily bike related!): At round 10 of the BSEC I had healthy lead going into the 5th stage, but then I crashed into a tree. That meant I was then 40 seconds behind with only 4 stages to go to make up the time. In the end I was second, only four seconds behind first place. I'm proud of this race because I was so far behind and really down with little time left, but managed to dig deep and pushed to the end.

Favourite food: Steak (medium rare), with pepper sauce, fried tomato, peas and must have home made chips.

Favourite band/singer: At the moment I am listening to catfish And The Bottle Men (indie rock). But what ever mood I'm in reflects in my music choice.

Best Crash: It's more worst crash than best. In 2013 I was racing my old 450, and was heading down this straight at a fair pace, but hit some sort of large solid mole hill. It tossed me over the bars in spectacular style.

Bike for 2017: 2017 Husqvarna FX450

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